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Esther, Emilie, Coco, and Kari

Image Credit: Lindee Zimmer.

Her Mural Titled "Love is Love"

A piece about accepting your gender, and Loving yourself and others.



Our resource is made for teens/young adults in the United States that are interested in exploring their own genders, who identify as gender-questioning, gender nonbinary, and/or transgender. 


We aim to provide information and resources which recognize the joy one can feel from feeling comfortable and validated in their gender identity, as well as a perception of gender which moves away from the traditional gender binary. With this as our frame, we've gathered selections of the following:

  • Media recommendations for movies, books, art, zines and podcasts - and gender non-comforming celebrities

  • Articles about gender identity

  • Opportunities for queer community connection

  • Practical but important information about gender terminology,

  • Safe restroom locations, school advocacy, safe binding, and transitioning - and other safety/health information

  • Transgender and nonbinary history;

  • And more.  

We then organized these resources through the lovely quiz you see above.  Done in the style of those delightfully ridiculous "what color are you??" or "what outfit should you wear to the first day of school?" quizzes the four of us fondly remembered from teen magazines; we felt this would be a great way to really guide someone in using our resource.

gender identity.jpg
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